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Discussion in 'English-Language Forum' started by lottie, 21 March 2015.

  1. lottie

    lottie New Member

    21 March 2015
    my name is Lottie and I'm recently starting to build my small 11 gallon saltwater tank, and I was wondering what are the best shops that could provide me with these equipments:
    • protein skimmer
    • filter
    • powerhead
    • rock
    • substrate
    • salt mix
    • water test kits
    • supplements
    • dry food
    So far I have a 11 gall. tank ready with both blue and white lighting. If anyone also has good fish and coral store recommendations please feel free to list them below since I'll need to get some fish and corals in a few months :)

    --Terima Kasih (I'm to learn Bahasa Indonesia )
  2. E_2091

    E_2091 Moderator Staff Member

    8 September 2008
    hi lottie..for livestock n some common dry good i think sumenep street is the best place...
    for hi end product u probably need to contact forum sponsor...some of them have a really nice showroom u can visit n buy on spot...
  3. reef

    reef Administrator Staff Member

    3 October 2006
    Hello Lottie, welcome to Reefs Forum and to Indonesia.

    I do recommend you to visit our sponsors for the products that you need.

    Garuda Aquarium (Livestock, Drygoods)
    Reef Indonesia (Protein Skimmer, Lighting, Reactors)
    Aquanesia (Brightwell and Kessil)
    Nanolab (Filter media)

    Terima kasih kembali.

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